An episode or point in time that tasks can be scheduled around

What is an event on Vimcare?

In every patient's life, there are a number of clinically meaningful dates. These can include a surgery date, primary care visit appointment time, or any other milestone for their acute, chronic, or wellness care.

Events are the foundation for creating a patient centric user experience.

A Vimcare event can be created for any one of these meaningful dates. They can also be times that may not include face-to-face contact with your users  i.e. study completion date, last day of the month, sign up date, etc.

How do I use events on my app?

Events are used to schedule tasks. Some examples (with sample event in bold):

  • Notification reminder to take antibiotics delivered one day before Surgery Date.
  • Notification reminder to stop eating delivered at 11:00 PM one day before Surgery Date.
  • Patient Background Survey delivered at 12:00 AM (immediately) after Sign Up.
  • Baseline Activities of Daily Living Survey delivered one day after Sign Up.
  • Patient Satisfaction Questionnaire Survey delivered one day after Doctor's Appointment.
  • Intervention to take medication delivered daily after Doctor's Appointment.

How do events appear on my app?

Events themselves do not directly appear on your app. However, by creating them, you can schedule tasks such as surveys, notifications, and interventions based on your event.

Why should I add events?

Events are the backbone of what makes a patient centric app. The most important principle of creating a good health app is to ask patients to complete tasks when it makes sense in their life. Events are how to make sure your tasks are getting delivered to the right patient at the right time.

How do I add events?

Add events through the advanced tab on the Vimcare builder.

After an event is created you can schedule any survey, intervention, or notification around an event. Here's how:

1 - Click the "Edit" button in the detail page of any task. In this example, it is a survey task: 

2 - Configure the schedule that makes sense for your task.

3 - If there is an event that you need to create, simply do so with the "+Add an Event" link