What is a Vimcare integration? 

Integrations allow you to collect data from users via third party sources such as wearable devices and 3rd party APIs.

Which integrations are available?

Currently, we support step count, distance walking/running, heart rate, and stairs climbed through Apple HealthKit.

Please contact us if there are other integrations that you would like to include.

How is HealthKit data collected?

Apple HealthKit data can be collected through an Apple iPhone, Apple Watch, or other third party devices that "write" data to HealthKit.

Find more information on Apple HealthKit here.

After accepting the permissions for your app to access Healthkit data, the relevant measurements (i.e. steps and heart rate) will be accessible to your users in the "Insights" tab.

How do users allow integrations with your app?

When users sign up for your app, they will be asked to accept permissions to access data from the integration you include on the Vimcare builder.

For Apple HealthKit, users can simply accept the relevant permissions on their iphone when they sign up.

They can also give access through the "Settings" section if they do not accept in the sign up process, or if you add new integrations after they have already signed up.

Demo Screenshots showing user HealthKit authorization on iPhone