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What is a Vimcare task?

A task is a series of questions that can be answered by your users.

Survey 01
Vimcare Questionnaire is a Task

What can tasks be used for?

Tasks can be used for clinically validated questionnaires, patient reported outcomes, administrative forms, patient feedback, and any other custom task you can think of.

Where do users complete tasks?

Users complete tasks on their mobile phones through the app you create using the Vimcare builder. They are found on the "Activities" tab of your app.

What do tasks look like?

Your questions appear one at a time, with answer choices below your question.

Your users answer the questions by typing or by selecting answer choices that you define on the Vimcare builder website.

Using the builder website, you can also choose photo responses, add links, and define branching logic.

Demo Screenshots from iPhone

Survey 02
Example task questions