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Development Process
Clinical question
Clinical question
Example: Do my CHF patients suffer from depression post-discharge?
Design protocol
Design protocol
Example: Have CHF patients fill out a PHQ‑9 weekly for 8 weeks. Track activity to see if step count is an independent predictor of outcomes.
Build app
Build app
Example: Use the Vimcare Builder to create an app with PHQ‑9 survey scheduled weekly.
Example: Send a link to your participants to have them enroll. They will then be able to submit their PROs through your app.
Collect data
Collect data
Example: All of your participants' data is available on the Vimcare admin dashboard. You can also export to csv, xls, and more.
Powerful Customizations
Consent white
Provide information about your app to users before they enroll, and request E-signature.
Survey task white
The most comprehensive way to gather data from your users.
Active task white
Collect step count, heart rate, and more from smartphones and wearables.
Intervention white
Use Apple Care Card to create a patient care task list.
Action sheet white
Send patients push notifications exactly when it is most relevant. Then allow them to give feedback with a single tap.
Frequently asked questions
Do I need to build or code anything?

No, with Vimcare, instead of spending time and effort on learning how to build apps or navigating politics, your team can focus on your use case, app specs, and validation of your mobile strategy.

Do I need an IT team?

No, you don't need an IT team, and never need to worry about mobile updates breaking your app again.

Do you sign BAAs?

Yes, Vimcare is 3rd party HIPAA certified and we sign BAAs with our partners. See our 3rd party HIPAA complicance report.

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